Immunisations module


Immunise an adult
Use the Immunisations module to record a vaccination. This article includes how to add and remove vaccination records and how to enter a patient recall.
Immunise a child
Use the Immunisations module to record a vaccination for a child under the age of ten. The immunisations will be mapped to ACIR for reporting.
Transmit immunisations to AIR
Transmit patient immunisation information from Zedmed to the Australian Immunisation Registry (AIR), a national register that records all vaccines given to people in Australia.
Summary Views Immunisations
Use the Immunisation tab in Summary Views to review a patient's immunisation history or delete a specific vaccination. Summary Views can be accessed while in any clinical module and lets you quickly view a patient’s history.
AIR error codes
Full list of AIR error codes and messages for the Australian Immunisations register.