Integration support


Clinical Integrations
Zedmed supports a large range of integrations for practitioners. This page provides a summary of those integrations with links to their location in the Knowledge Base.
MyMedicare is a voluntary patient incentive scheme that aims to formalise the relationship between a patient and their practitioner. Bulk Billing incentive items are available for eligible patients.
Enable MedicarePlus incentives for items such as 10990. This program provided access to higher Medicare rebates for general practice services in districts of workforce shortage, and was closed to new participants in 2019.
Surgical Partners
Surgical Partners is a financial management platform that integrates Zedmed with Xero financial software. This allows you to use the financial information in Zedmed for a range of financial applications
eRx ePrescribing
In Zedmed, eRx is used to provide electronic prescribing in the Medications module. eRx is a secure Prescription Exchange Service that electronically transfers prescription information between practitioners and pharmacists.
Zedmed's Address Book is fully integrated with HealthShare so practitioners have access to Australia's largest Specialist and Allied Health directory.
Zedmed supports the ReturnToWork SA Electronic Work Capacity Certificate (eWCC), which makes it easy for doctors to certify patient capacity and prescribe treatment.
MyHealth Record
Set up the practice, practitioners and patients to support My Health Records and configure how the information is uploaded.
Stock Management
Manage your stock of vaccines and consumables using Zedmed Stock Management. This feature supports sub-products for vaccine vials and doses and includes in-depth stock reporting.
Cubiko practice intelligence
Zedmed is integrated with Cubiko's practice intelligence services, which provides dashboards and optimisations for billing, patient care and reporting. Cubiko and its integration service Halo Link are installed with Zedmed v36.9 and later. Th...