Zedmed templates overview
Zedmed includes many types of templates that use different creation and management tools. This guide explains each template offering and its use cases.
Office FRM Word templates
Create labels and letters in Zedmed using FRM templates, which are linked to Word documents (the data source) in the Zedmed folder.
Office RTF Internal templates
Zedmed Office uses templates for letters, labels and reports. A standard set of templates is included with Zedmed and you can also create your own using Microsoft Word or Zedmed's Internal RTF editor.
Create custom invoices
Create a customised invoice for a practitioner that includes their own header and footer information. This is useful if the practitioner is not an employee and/or is paid directly into their own bank account.
Set up electronic signatures
Electronic signatures can be added to letters and referrals by applying the 'signature image' merge field. Simply save the practitioner's signature as an image file and upload it to their profile.
Reset a users password
Reset the Zedmed password for a user who has forgotten their password. This task is performed by the Practice Manager or a Zedmed user with administrator access.