Office setup


Create an appointment type
Create a new Appointment Type for an existing Activity Type. The appointment book's time is divided into Activity Types, which determine the Appointment Type that can be booked.
Create an activity type
Create an Activity Type for a schedule. This Activity Type will determine the types of appointments that can be booked in that schedule's time.
MedicarePlus incentives
Enable MedicarePlus incentives for items such as 10990. This program provided access to higher Medicare rebates for general practice services in districts of workforce shortage, and was closed to new participants in 2019.
Set up recall types
Set up recall types so that doctors can enter recalls and office staff can print the Recall Report .   To add a recall type: Go to Zedmed's Management tab. Select Practice Setup > Recall Types . Select New . Enter a Desc...
Add new patient types
Set up a new patient type in Zedmed and update a patient with that type. This can be useful search criteria when running reports to identify patient demographics.
Customised invoices
Create a customised invoice for a practitioner that includes their own header and footer information. This is useful if the practitioner is not an employee and/or is paid directly into their own bank account.
Drop-down list management
Some of the lists in Zedmed can be expanded by the practice using Drop-Down List Management . Most of these lists are documented within the guides they apply to. Zedmed also supports custom options using Practice-definable fields . Appointment ...