Other modules


Chronic Disease Management
Check a patient's eligibility for a chronic disease management plan and use a template to initiate that plan. CDM plans are covered by Medicare and Zedmed can schedule reminders each time a patient is eligible.
Pregnancy module
Record, update and close off a pregnancy. You can also run Antenatal and Summary reports and view all clinical notes recorded for a pregnancy in Summary Views.
Examination Templates
Examination Templates provide a quick method of entering patient examination details into encounters notes. There are templates for 14 different clinical examinations and you can create your own.
Diagrams module
Use a diagram to record clinical information using an anatomical diagram. There are 4 types of diagrams available: Organs, External, Muscular and Skeletal.
Capture/Import (Image)
Import a photo into an encounter. The photos you import will be viewed as thumbnails and can be downloaded one at a time.
Clinical Calculators
Use clinical calculators to help diagnose a patient's anxiety and stress, mental status or GFR (kidney health).