Results inbox


Results Inbox training video
This video explains how to use Zedmed's Results Inbox. It includes management of incoming results and useful tips to get the most out of the feature.
Managing the Results Inbox
Review and action all assigned patient results from the Results Inbox. The actions include recalling the patient, sending them an SMS and assigning tasks to the nursing team.
Assign or reassign results
Link actioned and pending test results to the correct patient. This may be required if an error has resulted in a test having no patient or the wrong patient assigned.
Scan results & documents
Scan lab results and clinical letters into Zedmed. These documents can be sent to the Results Inbox and may appear in Summary Views under Results or Documents.
Summary Views Results
Review a patient's past and current results in the Summary View. This can be accessed from any clinical module and allows you to quickly check a patient's clinical information.