Practice setup


Add practice details
Enter a practice's details into Zedmed. This information includes settings that can govern other branches, practice definable fields and doctors' banking reports.
Add a hospital
Set up a hospital in Zedmed. This will allow the practice and any of its branches to book hospital appointments and bill health funds or Medicare.
Add a branch
Set up a branch for the practice. This includes enabling Medicare Online and checking the Waiting Room settings. Once a Branch is created in Zedmed, it cannot be deleted but it can be made unavailable.
NASH PKI Certificates
NASH (National Authentication Service for Health) PKI Site Certificates are used to create secure connections to online patient services, including My Health Record and ePrescribing. The earlier PKI certificates have been deprecated. Useful con...
Rename a branch
Rename a practice branch in Zedmed.
Set up Eclipse
There are 6 screens in Zedmed that need to be reviewed or updated before you can use ECLIPSE in your Zedmed site. In this article, each screen is explained in its own section, along with concise steps to follow.
Set up Tyro
Set up a Tyro terminal to process payments and Medicare claims in Zedmed. This process involves installing Tryo software that communicates with the Tyro machine and then configuring Zedmed to use Tyro.
Set up My Health Record
Set up the practice, practitioners and patients to support My Health Records and configure how the information is uploaded.
Set up Stock Management
Set up Zedmed Stock Management for branches, staff and products, including vaccines and consumables.