Branch Options screen

This article provides an overview of the key settings in the Branch Options screen.

Default Account Holder 
Controls whether a Medicare Bulk-bill account payer link will be created automatically when a patient is registered for the first time.

Default Bank account 
Nominates the Bank Account report that receipts will be listed on if no other Banking List is specified. You must create a Banklist first before you can make this entry.

Invoice header 
Refers to the heading at the top of each private invoice, which can be created by Zedmed Office automatically for each Doctor/Branch, or maybe Customised using the Practice Setup/Doctor/Invoice Header function to create a special heading for each Doctor/Branch. See Stationery samples in the Appendix.

Assignment Form Type 
Selects whether the practice uses Medicare-supplied, carbonised sets of DB4 forms printed by a matrix printer, or the Zedmed Medicare Australia approved A4 plain paper version for MA Online.

 Remittance Advice on Invoices 
Prints a section at the bottom of the invoice, which may be torn or cut off and returned with a payment, simplifying the identification of the patient and the allocation.

Print Medicare Claim Forms 
Zedmed Office can print an Invoice and optionally a Medicare Claim form (PC1) on two separate printers (or one dual bin laser printer), or a combined Invoice/PC1 form which is called an Invoice-Claim Combo form, which may be purchased from Zedmed.

Default Print Encounter Sheet 
Case Label and Medicare Proforma automate the create Attendance Form function, printing either or both documents when the Patient Attendance form is completed.

Assisted Billing
When enabled,  a bill can be created for a doctor that assisted another doctor in a procedure. The assisting doctor can create their own invoice or be included on the main doctors/surgeon's invoice and get reimbursed at a later date. To learn more, ass the Assisted Billing Guide.

Allow Cash Out 
When activated, this provides the option to give Cash Out at the time of performing an EFTPOS receipt.

Invoice Message
Permits creation and editing of a message that appears on accounts for that branch.

If the File Numbering system is set to System, sequential numbers will be allocated for each new patient, who is registered. If it is set to RACGP, then Alphanumeric file numbers (based on the first three letters of the surname, first initial, and year of birth) will be generated when first registering a patient, but these may be changed to RACGP Family style numbers by selecting the icon beside the File Number in the Patient Details screen.

Waiting Room
Control the selection and sequence of patients displayed in the Waiting Room list. The Default Look-back time can be increased (select the down arrow) if your practice has a relatively small throughput of patients during the day. The Long Waiting time can be set from 1-999 minutes (defaults to 30 minutes) and will turn a Waiting Room Entry to pink/red when the patient has been waiting for more than the number of minutes set.