User features


Intramail system
Send an internal email using a system that is safe and secure. You will receive a notification when mail arrives, and you can link a message to a patient's record and add the message to a patient's history.
Logins & passwords
How to manage your Zedmed login, password and default site.
Change your password
Zedmed allows you to change your own Zedmed password if you know your current password. This is useful if you want to change the password they were given to one that is easier to remember.
Switch branch or user
Quickly change the user that is logged in or the branch you are working at without exiting Zedmed.
Shortcut keys
Navigate Zedmed using function key shortcuts that allow you to quickly find users and change screens with a keystroke.
Office letters & labels
In Zedmed Office, the Patient Record's Letters and Print menus provide a range of options for creating letters and printing labels and forms.