Zedmed Cloud customer resources

Zedmed Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution where your Zedmed server is hosted in the cloud and supported and maintained by the Zedmed Cloud Team.  Services included with Zedmed Cloud.

Zedmed Cloud guides

Learn how to log into Zedmed Cloud and use the navigation and file management options that are part of the Cloud interface.

First time logging into Zedmed Cloud
Log into Zedmed Cloud and set up DUO  Mobile,  a two-factor authentication App that is easy and secure to use. 

Navigating the Zedmed Cloud interface
Use the  Zedmed Cloud menu bar options, which perform some of the tasks usually managed by Windows.

Zedmed Cloud file management
Upload files from your local PC to Zedmed Cloud, and manage those files using the cloud folder options.

Opening TeamViewer
Open TeamViewer so the Zedmed staff can provide remote support and see your screen.

Change your password
Change your Zedmed Cloud password to a password of your choice using the Zedmed Cloud Password Manager.
If you have forgotten your password, please contact Zedmed Support.

Zedmed Cloud request forms

Add a new user to the Zedmed Cloud
The request will go to the Zedmed Cloud team who will set up a 2FA cloud login and a Zedmed account

Disable a Zedmed Cloud user.
The request will go to the Zedmed Cloud team who will remove the user's 2FA cloud login and disable their Zedmed account.